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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Make a customer not just a sale

There is a big difference between "making a sale" and "making a customer".   If you don't achieve the latter, you won't, in the long run, build your business.  After all, you don't want to always have to make that 1st sale over & over again.   You want to make sure your buyer will find VALUE in the transaction and BENEFIT from your product(s).  If this comes about from THEIR PERSPECTIVE they will want to continue doing business with you in ever increasing volume & cooperation..

That means you must UNDERSTAND your customer, their NEEDS, and fulfill in a way which converts that customer into a "brick" in building THEIR success.   It is a TWO WAY street when marketing.   You do need to meet your sales goal, yet understanding the customer is to have them become your ally in the marketing of your product.

So THINK TWICE how you promote your product.   Orders only on their own just for the sake of getting that order, often lead to dead ends.   But if you evaluate your customer's NEED BENEFIT and VALUE from the CUSTOMER'S POINT OF VIEW,
a long term relationship will develop resulting in growing future business volume.

HINT:   Picture yourself facing the customer across a table.   You are selling & he's buying - maybe.  You and the customer are on opposite sides of the table.   Now, try to picture yourself on the same side of the table, sitting next to him.   Now suddenly you are his ally,  his "partner".    That's the psychology you should project.


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