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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cost of App maintenance skyrocketing

Hal Finkelstein, Chairman of SCORE South Palm Beach recently wrote:

“Consider that just from Sept 18, 2013 through Jan 29, 2014 Apple released six different revisions to IOS 7 not to mention all the Android versions. It is turning out that the 2 yr maintenance for such an App is at least 3 times the original development cost and that 80% of such apps are updated and revised more then twice a year with 33% updated "EVERY MONTH" at big cost. … Now when you figure all of the IOS revisions, Mobile windows revisions and Android revisions --- all the Google algorithm changes, Browser changes can you see that to do even a mobile website right and make money from it you have to spend money and pray that you get even a reasonable ROI.”

So many business owners never know that the problem is not always their website but that Apple, Android, Google or Microsoft threw a curve ball and they never knew what hit them. While they are looking at this and spending big bucks there are other forces at play.

Do you take this into account in your business?


Steve Koenig, SCORE Counselor


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