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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finding and hiring employees

As your business grows you want to hire a great new employee.   They are the face of your business!   How can you evaluate potential starters and pick the right one?

Historically networking family & friends is a nice safe start.  What other sources are available for prospects?  The latest method is through on-line access to new jobs.   The
most common job boards you must review are:;;;  Dice. com (last one is a tech driven source)

Using these sites,  a fee is paid to search for and contact relevant candidates who have posted resumes.  Then you short list those that meet your criteria.   Once you pick the person, e-mail or phone for additional specifics to set up an interview.   TALK to them.

1.     Exactly what are your qualifications in...."bookkeeping"?
2.     How much and what kind of experience do you have in..."bookkeeping"?

The point is to ask open end questions that stimulate the applicant to talk about themselves.    NEVER ask a question that will result in "yes/no".   You learn nothing.

LISTEN without replying immediately.    Count to 30 before responding.  This is a tactic
 that will cause the applicant to talk more.    We abhor silence when chatting.   By remaining silent the applicant will provide more details about themselves to fill the void.

Finally, when you do make the choice, clearly explain the first 90 days are a provisional
hire.    This is your disclaimer in the event you made a mistake. into the compensation a small raise at the end of the 90 days to demonstrate your satisfaction with this person.   You don't have to announce beforehand.   
They will love you forever!
Eric Mankuta 
SCORE counselor
South Palm Beach FL

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