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Monday, January 7, 2013

Website Hell

We have been through the Cabbage patch doll craze, the American Girl doll craze the IPod and you name it craze.  And yes…many companies are going through the Website Craze.  They must have a website or else.  And in jumping into this craze many companies are getting severely burnt by unscrupulous web developers or web developer charlatans.

Many companies after spending thousands of dollars on websites are still sitting and waiting for the world to discover them.  The “Build it and they will come” craze has long been shattered for many a company.  And then what do they get roped into after spending thousands of dollars? more and more expenditures on so called “Search Engine Optimization”.  Go to any conference now or networking meeting and you are surly going to hear many asking many others”. Who is doing your SEO”?  The new phrase of the 21st century, SEO, “Search Engine Optimization”

So you spend $5000 or a lot more for a website no one finds and then another couple of thousand dollars doing that all important SEO.  And if you are lucky very lucky maybe you will get an order.  Maybe.

But wait…what about that website.  How should it be designed to take advantage of basic marketing, how should it be designed so we can attract customers and make them want…yes you heard right…make them want to purchase something from us.  Have you been to the llbean or Amazon website lately?  Let’s face it…if they have what you are looking for…you want to purchase it from them.  And the history of these websites proves that out.  So how do we do that with your website…it’s an art and few practice it well.

So what went wrong with your website?  Simply put…just because you have a website does not mean you can forget all of the very basic concepts of marketing 101.   If I have a store…online or brick and mortar…what will make them come and find me?  Will they come if I am selling ice in the winter…more than likely NO.?  Will they come if I have a restaurant…with out air-conditioning in the peak of the summer?   I don’t think so.  But wait…what if I offer something very special that they cannot get anywhere else and what if dining outside in the heat of the night gives them something very special…maybe in the food, sights or something else.  Well maybe I will then have a fighting chance.

The point is…; just because you have a website you must learn something about basic marketing.  Because it is one thing to get the people to find your website. But another thing to get them to purchase from it.  Conversions are the thing that pays the bills.  Getting people to come to the website and purchase.  So if they come to your store…walk in look around…how do you get them to purchase.

On your website you have to do almost the same type of thing you would do in your store.  Can you attract a first purchase with a special?  A unique product, a unique design or maybe it’s your pricing or guarantee.

Getting people to find your website is an art as well as a science but getting people to purchase from your website is an art.  An art as old as Marketing itself.  Some of the basic marketing concepts have not changed in 1000 years or more.  Learn them and you will greatly improve your conversion rate.


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