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Friday, September 20, 2013

Using Video Sharing Apps

Video Sharing Apps have given rise to new uses for small businesses. So let me outline some of them. But first let me describe what these are.

Video Sharing Apps enable businesses to create and post video clips, often with a few seconds of loop time. They can be shared or embedded in social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. There is a growing number of these apps among them is Vine and Ecograph. While there have been some issues with inappropriate early public use, small businesses may have a new opportunity with them.

Here is an opportunity to put your creativeness to work. If you had a 5-6 second opportunity to show or receive something to or from a prospect, supplier or anyone else what would it be? How about these?

Flash a new product, sale, event

Training suppliers on methods of manufacturing/packaging a product

Quality Control by having suppliers demonstrate/certify compliance

Customer Testimonials and examples of product uses

Insurance claims before and after damages reporting

Viewing material choices

Reviewing ideas for products and improvements

Verification of deliveries and product condition

Verification of testing results

Security with ID of service providers

Observation of service needed


What do you think about this?

Steve Koenig, SCORE Counselor



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