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Friday, June 13, 2014

2014 Hurricane Season. Are you ready?

It only takes one Hurricane to do a lot of damage to your business. How ready are you?

After a disaster hits, your insurance can help get your back into business. How soon often depends on your preparedness. So here are a few things you can do to make recovery easier:

1. Copy, copy, copy. – Your available records are a key to moving the process forward.
Scan records, tax returns, deeds, and insurance documents. List all financial account information. You can put all the information on a flash drive and store the drive away from the business location. Consider the idea of storing the information in a lock box somewhere for quick access.

2. Video Records can help. – Create a video of the business possessions. Show serial numbers where possible and describe the items and condition with a voice-over. Store the video with the flash drive noted above.

3. Cash and information is King. – Put together what boaters call an “overboard bag”. Pack it with enough cash to hold you over for 2 weeks (yes it is hundreds of dollars), along with key phone numbers like insurance broker, banks, etc., a few weeks of prescription drugs and some clothes. Put the bag in an easily accessible location.

4. Backup business information as often as possible and store them in a remote location. There are many options available.

Are You Ready?


Steve Koenig – SCORE Counselor



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