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Friday, June 20, 2014

Ideas for Opportunity

I have worked with some clients that believe they have a good idea that will make them a fortune. Some of these clients try to “sell” the idea to a company that will simply “pay them” for it. Some clients have not actually built the product they try to sell. You may not have people with ideas knocking down your door. And surely you cannot be the only idea person in your industry. So where can you find ideas for your business? Try these:

1. Your competition.  Where are they going? Check the patent applications.

2. Your Employees. They often have great ideas You should find and reward these.

3. Product reviews. Check out website reviews.  Can you develop a better solution?

4. Trade shows. Great places to find opportunities.

5. Your Customers. What kinds of problems are they having?

6. Online search. Writers often report on opportunities.

Identifying ideas is the first step. Now you need to come up with solutions. In order to keep coming up with great new ideas, you need to stay current and constantly repeat the processes.

What are you doing to keep abreast?

Steve Koenig, SCORE Counselor




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