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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Suggestions For Sales Prospects

Seek out trade directories, sphere of influence relations, prior customers, new business operations that are prospects for your product/service. Prioritize this list as to who can be closed rather quickly, who is having financial issues, and conversely who is having a great year and would have the funding to support new services or products.

Find the decision maker and send via priority mail a two - three page PowerPoint about you, your company, and your product. Keep it very brief, to the point of trying only to get the appointment. You are not selling for an order in this call. Be sure your product, service etc., is positioned to fill the need you are trying to close/fill. Product positioning is critical to "spinning" the need for your company.

SMILE during the phone call (people sense it) and be sure to point out why you truly believe your product or service is a perfect fit and/or need for them. Follow up, have patience, focus and love what the results of a successful call can be to you.

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