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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Stop The Pressess

It's not every day when an American company gets elected to the "Inc. 5000"., but this year, right now, one of our very own clients has been selected for this honor, recognizing  his company as "one of the fastest growing private companies in America."

The honoree is Ankit Jain, and his journey began right here, in our Boca office, when he walked in a few years ago to say he had left his very good job because he wanted to start a company selling ear buds.

The Counselor he met that day, who has nurtured him, coached him, guided him, is our own HerbDouglas, who, aided  by various colleagues thru the years, has guided "The Ankit Company" to national and international recognition and growth, with a growing catalog of items..

This is an extraordinary honor, and we all salute Herb for being the Man behind the Scenes, helping make it all happen.

SCORE South Palm Beach Shines Today, Brighter Than Ever.

Martin Kahn, Score Counselor
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