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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shipping Methods in Exporting

Marketing strategy frequently overlooks the question of logistics. Utilization of the "THROUGH BILL OF LADING" (TBL) couplers with a LANDBRIDGE (MULTI-MODAL TRANSPORT) can make it possible to effectively use shipping charges towards closing a sale. Multi-modality combining several cargo moves into a single THROUGH B/L is a mixture for lowest & fastest movement to your customer overseas.


This method combines speed of delivery. Speed is expensive in exporting. Since customer satisfaction results in more sales,
this combination of overland shipment coupled with ocean cargo containers will provide you with a competitive sales price. You MUST have a Int'l. Freight Forwarder handling this type of logistic to obtain the TBL

For example, if you client is in the Far East and the FOB point is in the mid-west, you would opt for a rail transfer to the West Coast, load oboard the Ocean liner for shipment to the foreign port. The carrier will issue a TBL for this combination. Why rail?
Ocean container cargo is the least cost method, but the slowest. Thus rail/ocean will get your stuff there fast than if you ship via ocean from the the East Coast to the Far East.


The TBL will have the final destination which the carrier will handle irrespective of that several cargo methods may be used. Air Freight does NOT have this type of service. However, you should investigate trucking to the airport closest to the fins destination.
For example: if your FOB point is in Colorado and the customer is in Cologne Germany, you would check out trucking to JFK-NYC as opposed direct air from DIA (Denver Int'l) to Frankfurt.

Int'l. Traffic & logistics are so vital in exporting that ALL exporters MUST seek experienced support thru an In'tl. Frt. Fwdr.
The effect of reducing landed cost overseas, invariably results in new business opportunities. Ocean container cargo is the least expensive shipping method. Air is the fastest but costs the most. How you handle this issue when considering speed of arrival will help grow your sales volume.

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Henry Samuel; Certified SCORE Counselor.
SCORE Chapter 412

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