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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Special Counselor of the Month

SCORE South Palm Beach Chapter
We are delighted to shine the spotlight on a distinguished member of our staff who by his or her efforts brings great credit to our organization. This month we are honored to salute:

Hank Samuel
Hank is a very hardworking, dedicated member of our Chapter, always looking for ways to make us better and better serve our clients. We kind of knew when he applied for membership and brought with him a great resume, whether as a Professor of International Sales and Marketing at the University of California, Davis, or as a renowned and respected writer in distinguished trade journals dealing with international commerce, or as a major executive in corporate America, that we were getting someone very special.
Wherever you look around, there is Hank, pitching in, helping others, subbing for another Counselor, volunteering to cover the desk when Dawn is out, urging his fellow Counselors to “do more”. Which is what he does, every day. “More”. Whether it is volunteering to help with virtually any issue or project, or taking on added duties as a Saturday counselor, or preparing and delivering our first-ever Seminar on the ABC’s of Export, Hank has made his mark. And quite a mark it has been.
Hank’s original Export Seminar at Lynn University was a complete sellout, with many more individuals looking to attend who could not be accommodated. And the Seminar evaluations clearly reflected that attendees wanted MORE. So since then Hank diligently prepared and presented our first-ever “Complete Export Workshop”, which required him to prepare a 4 session, complex workshop, which he did, with great expertise.
Our Chapter has been blessed in recent years in attracting very high caliber business leaders. Our Counselor Profiles clearly reflect a roster brimming with outstanding individuals who collectively have helped this Chapter achieve numerous awards, including #1 Chapter in the Nation in 2012 and very high standing among fellow Counselors in Chapters all over the country. From this distinguished roster we proudly salute colleague Hank Samuel.

Any organization would be proud to claim Hank as a member. South Palm Beach SCORE is honored and privileged to have him aboard, serving the business community and aspiring entrepreneurs with passion, skill, and dedication.
Thank you Hank, for all you do for the Chapter and our clients.

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