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Thursday, July 10, 2014

America's Youngsters Rapidly Becoming Entrepreueurs

One of the most exciting pieces of news on the small business front today is the emergence of youths 11-18 years of age starting and operating real, money-making businesses. This is due to such rapidly growing organizations as YEA (Young Entrepreneurs Academy), which caters to students in 168 different communities and 30 states across the country.

Here in Palm Beach County, South Palm Beach SCORE was the very first organization to provide a team of volunteer business executives to assist in the mentoring of the youngsters in the program. The program, now entering its 4th year of operation, is administered locally by the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, and the class size is limited to 24 students, all of whom pay a fee for the 30 week, 100 hour program, with scholarships available.

The fruits have been rich and growing.  The YEA program boasts over 1000 businesses started, with one fifth still operating in the 2nd year. Assisted by scholarships of over $500,000, the savvy youngsters are tasting real financial success and developing true entrepreneurial skills for their futures. And our SCORE Chapter is in the forefront of promoting this exciting small business concept.


Martin Kahn, Certified SCORE Mentor

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