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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Special Counselor of the Month


We are delighted to shine the spotlight on a distinguished member of our staff who by his or her efforts brings great credit to our organization. This month we are honored to salute:


Alpesh is a relatively new member of our award-winning Chapter, but in a very short time he has made a lasting impression. Becoming an IT aficionado at a very early age, Alpesh today owns and operates his own  Brand and Internet Marketing company, but still makes time to help others through his volunteer service with SCORE.
In addition to a full complement of clients eager to receive his mentoring, Alpesh also serves the Chapter as the Facilitator for our monthly Tech Roundtable, which often has a waiting list of eager attendees. And recently, at our 6th Annual SCORE Business Conference at Lynn University, Alpesh instructed four sold-out classes on “How To  Build a Website”.
So, you see Alpesh’s versatility. What you don’t see, until you are being mentored by him, is his gentle, thoughtful way of guiding clients to the goals they seek. This special skill, combined with his extensive background of knowledge makes Alpesh a much sought-after Mentor.
No “picture” of this talented and giving Mentor would be complete without mentioning that, with all he has on his plate, operating his business, meeting with business clients, volunteering at SCORE, serving as an advisor to several charities, Alpesh still makes sure to spend quality time with his young children at sports and activities, and assist at school events.
 So, take a well-earned bow, Alpesh Patel, our Special Counselor of the Month.Everything you do, for everyone you help, makes our Chapter shine!

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