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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Special Counselor of the Month

Special Counselor of the Month

We are delighted to shine the spotlight on a distinguished member of our staff who by his or her efforts brings great credit to our organization. This month we are honored to salute:


 One of the great pleasures of serving on the committee that elects our Special Counselor of the Quarter every 3 months is the opportunity to reflect on the quality of service and commitment to our mission that has become a hallmark of our outstanding team. This month we are delighted to announce that our colleague Gerry Schoenberg is our unanimous choice for this honor.
So, of course you have noticed Gerry in the everyday ebb and flow of Chapter issues. In the past several months Gerry undertook to prepare himself to train all of us in the new CORE system. That has taken countless hours of learning and serving to accomplish, and we have all benefited from it.
Additionally Gerry has served first as interim Chair of our CTT, and recently succeeded to the chairmanship. As a member I can tell you that a day does not go by without yet another important communication on chapter matters. Gerry’s commitment is outstanding.
Add to all the above the fact that Gerry also serves on the Executive Committee, with additional duties there, and you begin to see the profile of yet another outstanding team member.
 So, take a well-earned bow, Gerry. You have richly earned the designation of our Special Counselor of the Quarter  for January, February and March 2015.

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