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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Value of Trust

A customer is in the habit of shopping for most of the family consumables in a nearby store each week taking advantage of the advertised sale items. A periodic scan of the receipts begins to show a pattern of not providing the sale prices for some items each week, overcharging as much as 15%.The customer returns to the shop and regularly obtains credit for these obvious “mistakes”. 

The on-site management attempts to push back with a series of excuses like: “Someone mismarked the sale item; that was yesterday’s sale and the price marked was wrong; the computer made a mistake; and, you must have moved the items to the sale priced locations”. The customer has lost faith in the store and is frustrated with the excuses, accusations and attitude of its personnel. While continuing to use the store due to its convenience, she has shifted as much of the volume as possible to other shops.

While no one is perfect, a consistent pattern of deception has led the customer to use the phrase “theft” to describe the situation, and does so to friends and neighbors. Eventually this store may close due to lack of sales volume.

How does your business handle situations like this?


Steve Koenig, SCORE Counselor



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