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Monday, January 4, 2016

Special Counselor of the Month

We are delighted to shine the spotlight on a distinguished member of our staff who by his or her efforts brings great credit to our organization. This month we are honored to salute:



If ever there was a person in this organization who deserved to be honored  it is our own Dawn Lyon, Administrator extraordinaire.

Some of you may remember when Dawn started with us, working at the desk where Mike Lupo now presides. The thing that stood out about her, from day one, was her work ethic. No matter the assigned task, Dawn treated each one with unflinching devotion to doing it right the first time, on time. (When you look about the office and see those Counselor Manuals binders; Dawn did every page in them, and assembled many copies for the members). Always with a smile, never with a complaint.

As helpful as Dawn is to every member, so too is she “there” for each and every client, striving always to be helpful, guiding them, encouraging them, going the proverbial extra mile.

And when you get to know Dawn’s family, the picture is complete. Husband Eric, a successful Financial Planner, and three talented and striving children: Hannah, Jenny, and Nick. (Hint: keep those names in mind. We expect there are a couple of aspiring entrepreneurs and a developing baseball player in there). The Lyons’ Five have just moved into a beautiful new home, and we wish them much happiness in their new surroundings.

We began by saying how much Dawn deserves this recognition as our Special Person of the Month for January, February and March. How she earned her spurs with us, from the assistant’s chair to the Administrator’s perch. We can all agree she earned it, and we are grateful to her in more ways than this article could ever state. Keeper of the keys, Grand Marshal in charge of everything we do, from office operations to major conferences, bringing joy and talent wherever she is, we are honored to call her our Admin. We are blessed to call her friend.

So, take a bow, Dawn Lyon. YOU are our new Special Person of the Month!

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