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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Keys to Exporting Success

Exporting offers many job opptys. for economists, financial specialists and technicians. The all have a role to play in foreign trade. But the art of selling and marketing remains the backbone of Int'l. Trade.


FIRST, there is no substitute for language proficiency. It is the one thing above all that will bring success when dealing with the buyer oversees. Take a reverse example of a foreign person seeking to enter the U.S. market with imported mdse. They ALL speak English. They would no more think of doing business here like a non-swimmer would attempt to swim the English Channel if they didn't know how to speak English.

There are al half-dozen languages that constitute the argot of trade in Multinational business today. English is numero uno. Then Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Russian. Not necessarily in that order but all active. German is not included as English is a native tongue in Germany. Italian is limited mainly to a small sector.

Globally, Spanish is widespread. Latin Americans generally are not fluent t in English. Portuguese is like Italian - a narrow sector but important due to Brazil being such an important emerging business area. You can get along in the Middle East with English as the business community is generally trained in the west - UK, USA, etc and have acquired English as their business language. If they can understand you the battle is overcome.


This can be defined by such prosaic elements as collection instruments, , documentary rqmts., selling/buying habits that vary by country & region, logistics of how to get it there, and the all important aspects of how to handle an order from quotation to the billing cycle. Take a seminar: "ABC's of EX;ORT" from a SCORE CHAPTER 0412.

When dealing with a customer over there you MUST know the social norms & customs. Did you know if show the sole of your show to an Arab client accidentally because you crossed your legs, you have insulted that client? Do you know how low to bow in Japan?

There is help out there. Develop a relationship with your bank. They can assist you when it comes time to getting paid. Sign up an Int'l. Freight Forwarder to handle the shipment from your door to your clients place. The forwarder also can prepare all documents needed to be certain that the client overseas will have no prblm. bringing your products thru their local customs. Talk to your insurance agent to be certify you are protected against loss/theft in transit. These are all service people from whom you can learn to do business in the worldwide market place.

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