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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Creating an Innovative Environment

I participated in the most innovative environments in my lifetime, the computer and aerospace industries. During this time we went to the moon and brought computing to the general public. Why would you want an Innovative environment for your business?

18% of companies in a new Accenture study said they're getting a competitive advantage from their innovation strategies.

Maybe you can create the next big wave? Or maybe you can make a better, less expensive product or service? Maybe you can improve your competitive advantage and make more money!

Yours is not the only mind engaged in your business. Others work for you or with you either up front or behind the scenes…they are all invested in your success.

Show your stakeholders that you think of innovation as an ongoing process. Some ideas will work and many won’t. Keep experimenting. Try multiple ideas simultaneously if you can.

Listen. Innovation is a collaborative process.

Be open to “accidents,” the unexpected connections that spark new ideas. Inspiration comes from everywhere—often from outside your own field.

Draw on your own stakeholders—they know the company’s problems and goals best. This is probably one time you don’t need outside consultants.

Be patient. Creativity can’t be hurried.

How are you handling innovation?

Steve Koenig, SCORE Counselor


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