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Sunday, August 25, 2013

7 Ways to Improve Your Website's Effectivness

OK, you've spent hundreds, if not thousands of your hard-earned dollars to get that dream website up and running, maybe you've even done it yourself for free, but the results are the same. Little or nothing. How can that be, you wonder? You look at other websites for similar or even identical businesses and you think, Gee, it appears I'm doing everything they"re doing. Or so it seems. And yet YOUR website is floundering. Worse yet, the algorithms that determine where you come up in Searches, are changing all the time. And on top of that there's more and more competition out there. What is one to do?

Well, here's a handy checklist of 7 very important aspects of your website that you need to address. Now.

#1 You need a headline that grabs a viewer's attention the moment they open your site. It needs to tell the viewer what your website is all about.

#2 What is your "Unique Sales Proposition?" WHY what you offer is important to the viewer.

(Example: America's largest selection of left-handed tools)

#3 Calls to Action: You need an attractive "button" strategically located on every page that urges the viewer to "Learn more" " View the catalog" "Schedule an appointment"

#4 Testimonials: People like to see others endorsing you, your company, your products, whatever. And if you have won awards of any type, showing them helps too.

#5 Images or very short videos about your products or services help the viewer decide.

#6 Navigation: Don't make the site complicated. A list of tabs on the left hand side is most common because it has been proven to work well.

#7 Resources: Providing a link to a Resource Center where potential customers can learn more is a critical component of a home page.

There's more to do with a website; there always is. It is an ever-evolving entity that demands your constant attention. Need more help? Come see us at SCORE.
Marty Kahn, SCORE Counselor

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