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Monday, August 12, 2013

Technology in your business

What do you know about technology? The more important question may be: What don’t you know about technology?

Clearly technology is a big plus for small business. Can you realistically grow without it? Can you have a competitive advantage without it? Think not only about robotics, your computer and its software, but also about mobile devices like your phone and its software.

Robotics tend to move things under some control element, hardware or software, like moving products from point A to point B.

Your computer may be handling your books and monitoring cash flow, inventory or security. You may use it for email, web browsing and other social media purposes as well.

Your phone or other mobile device may be an access point for voice communication and social media as well.

By the way…what are you using to read this?

Small business owners need to know about many things to be successful. In addition to knowing the products, marketing, sales, service, product and people management, cash flow, law and technology are on this list. If you lack the needed knowledge yourself, it is important to acquire it through others. One of the keys to success is knowing when to develop it and when to acquire it, or knowing what you don’t know.

In the case of the ever changing world of technology, knowledge is king. Acquiring enough knowledge to make intelligent decisions is critical. Dedicate time each week for you and/or your employees to learn how to better leverage the technologies you have and what new technologies are available.

So, here are a few ways to acquire and maintain the knowledge:

A. Sign up for online courses

B  Attend technology events at a local chamber, SCORE Chapter or other professional organization

C. Read information about technologies that can help your business.

D Hire a trainer or training organization

Remember this is a continuing process, not a one time event. Advanced courses can help you get more from the technology you already have.

Keep in mind that security is key to all technologies. You can’t be expert in all things however, so knowing when to call in the experts is important. Network and infrastructure security are among those areas that require continuous monitoring.

Are you on top of technologies for your business?

Steve Koenig, SCORE Counselor


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