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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Marketing Yin and Yang

In Chinese culture Yin and Yang represent two opposite principals. In science we have Cause and Effect, the dominant principle in physics. The nature of Yin and Yang or Cause and Effect is the interplay of the two elements. In marketing we have “Classic” and “Social” media that may be considered in a similar way. It is the intersection or interplay of these two elements that most businesses need to deal with. Getting the most out of these elements is not a matter of right or wrong, but a matter of understanding each and leveraging the interplay.

Do you really know which customer uses what to discover your business and which one uses what to aid decision making? If you know the answers and know which customer you are targeting, you can know how to align your marketing efforts.

In reality both “Classic” and “Social” media play roles in most marketing efforts, they are interdependent and each should point to and cross-lead customers to the other. Print, Radio, TV and other hard copy media should point to on-line media you use, and the on-line media should point to the hard copy as well.

The interplay of these marketing elements lends itself to easier cross-selling with complementary businesses: Business A does the “Classic” while business B does the    “Social”, each pointing to the other. Or Business A focuses on product X and Business B focuses on product Y. This could be another way to leverage your marketing budget.

You could use “Classic” media to make offers that motivate people to sign on to your “Social” media, as a method of getting over the reluctant customer syndrome.

Steve Koenig – SCORE Counselor




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