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Saturday, October 3, 2015

50 Do's to Build Your Business #2

50 Do’s to Build Your Business #2


11.Be pro-active in selling job candidates on the virtues of your company.

12.Offer new customers extra incentives to build their confidence in your company.

13.Keep a SPECIAL notebook or a digital document to record ideas for new products and tactics.

14.Make sure you always have the right insurance coverage.

15.Know your banker better.

16.Pay attention to your customers’ personal interests, their support staff, even their children.

17.Tell your employees you have confidence in their decisions.

18.Remembering that great ideas are less important than how they are executed.

19.Understand the difference between LEADERSHIP (Where are we going?) and MANAGEMENT (What do we need to get done today?)

20.Set up development plans for key employees.


Marty Kahn, SCORE Counselor



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