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Saturday, October 17, 2015

50 Do's to Build Your Business #3


50 Do’s to Build Your Business #3



21. Make succession plans, or selling-your-business plans YEARS in advance.

22. Seek the best URLs and Twitter monikers for your business, whether or not you use them now.

23. Never compromising on new hires, but always waiting for the right candidate.

24. Hiring outstanding people when you meet them; create their job as you move along.

25. Always reviewing every idea, initiative, or sales pitch by asking  “What can we do to make this unforgettable?”

26. Always remembering to say Thank You to customers and staff.

27. Always “Trust, but verify” People on your team may mean well, but without guidance they can go off-track.

28. Always listen to those with more gray hairs than you.

29. Hire an experienced business lawyer, not just anyone with a law degree.

30. Provide solutions for your customers and your employees, and they will always be your customers and employees.



Marty Kahn, SCORE Counselor


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