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Saturday, November 14, 2015

50 Don'ts to Build Your Business #5 of 5..LAST OF THE SERIES



50 Don’ts to Build Your Business #5 of 5 LAST OF THE SERIES


41. Not staying in touch with customers or top prospects thru newsletters, email, occasional calls, even letters.

42. Not reading widely in books on business, marketing, and people management.

43. Not reading enough biographies. (Learning about the setbacks other people have overcome can’t help but strengthen you).

44. Overselling the virtues of your product.

45. Overselling the virtues of a job or your company to a prospective employee (they’re going to find out the truth the day they start).

46. Trying to do everything yourself: not delegating non-core tasks (e.g. Web development, maintenance)

47. Not pursuing international sales. With borderless Internet communication and global supply chains, there’s no reason you can’t target foreign markets.

48. Putting things off.

49. Being depressed by this list.

50. Instead, it’s meant to inspire you by encouraging you to acknowledge your mistakes and start fixing them. MISTAKES ARE OPPORTUNITIES WAITING TO BE SEIZED!


Hope you got something from the series…100 do’s and don’ts.


Marty Kahn, Score Counselor


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