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Sunday, November 1, 2015

50 Do's to Build Your Business #4

50 Do’s to Build Your Business #4
31. Always hiring people who are good fits for their jobs.
32. Fire bad employees.
33. Always pay attention to good grooming and dressing. (You will never know the business you didn’t get).
34. You’ll get your best business ideas when you’re relaxing, running, or playing with your kids.
35. Always remember you are not the only game in town.
36. Be certain your planning allows enough time to become profitable.
37. Always be confident. Confidence matters.
38. Recognize that top performers for others are not necessarily going to be top performers for you.
39. Carefully monitor your receivables, never assume.
40. Use vendors as a source of cash during cash shortages.
Marty Kahn, SCORE Counselor

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