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Friday, November 13, 2015

50 Do's to Build Your Business #5 of 5



50 Do’s to Build Your Business #5 of 5


41. Understand the amount of debt your company can live with.

42. Never underestimate how much financing the sellers of a business might provide when you buy their company.

43. Always have a partnership agreement.

44. Manage clients’ expectations.

45. Double-check time charges from Consultants or time-tracked employees.

46. Negotiate with suppliers to get prices lowered.

47. Understand that someone, some day will probably sue you, so always carry Liability insurance.

48. Build good relationships with police, politicians, and regulators.

49. Document everything.

50. Dream large.


This is the last of the 50 Do's. Watch for one more Don't in the series.

Marty Kahn, Score Counselor



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