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Friday, April 12, 2013

So You Are an Entrepreneur

Every year, at the SCORE South Palm Beach Annual December Luncheon, an award is presented to our Entrepreneur of the Year, a client who, through his/her determination, ingenuity, and plain hard work, earns the honor. This year, as with other recent years, the Luncheon was held at Gleneagles Country Club in Delray Beach, and was attended by 100+, including dignitaries, industry leaders, and supporters of SCORE.

For the first time, 2012 brought us 3 very special entrepreneurs.

Mona Straub, (, a prize winner a few years back, refashioned her business, and in so doing won the award as 2nd Runner-up.

Fred Pollino, was the June 2012 recipient of a 40,000.00 grant from the Veterans Pathway To Success Foundation. Fred, a wounded veteran of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, started a business (Better Escalator Co.) to clean escalators. He is assisted in the business by his partner Tom Story. Fred was honored as 1st Runner-up.

Jose Danois, (ASE Carcare), another Iraq/Afghanistan veteran, with several tours of combat duty, returned to the States in 2012, where he purchased a Fort Lauderdale car care business. While Jose was initially rejected for a grant application, because of severe debt load, he displayed incredible determination and “can do” attitude, so typical of our brave servicemen and servicewomen, that, working with SCORE Counselors for several months, he was rewarded when his business began to show a profit . Jose was elected our Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

How about you?

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