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Monday, November 3, 2014

Technologies to Watch

To help you look forward I am providing information presented by a technology industry leader:
Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi is an innovator, engineer, inventor and author. He joined AT&T Bell Laboratories, and rose to become Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer. He became President and CEO of AT&T Labs and President and AT&T Global Network Operations, and is currently Chairman and CEO of 2020 Venture Partners LLC and CyberFlow Analytics
He makes the following forecast about New Technologies to watch in 2015:
- Thumb Print Scanners
- Large Mobile Storage in smart phones
- Fuel cells with battery life exceeding 3-10 days on a single charge
- 3-D printing
- IPv6
- 100 Mbps broadband speed for consumers
- Autonomic computing
- Quantum computing in all types of verticals such as security, surgery and, robotics
- 50 billion end points including RFIF- and GPS-based devices
- 10:1 ratio of wireless devices to wire line
- Speech-to-speech translation in real time will finally become a reality
- Implantation of “nano computers,”
- Green technology will finally become real and affordable
- Wearable Networks: networks that, in case of failure, return to their original state
- Intelligent optical chip will finally become reality.
Some of these items can already be seen in the industry. Even if this forecast is only partially correct, we have a lot of change ahead.
Consider looking forward to determine how some of these could impact your business.
Steve Koenig, SCORE Counselor

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